Index Fest Review

Index Fest this weekend was a blast! Spune – thanks for bringing in some incredible artists that I got to dance my booty off to – despite the cold!

So a brief overview friends – Friday my favorite band of the evening was Grimes. The girls were cute and crazy and were the only people in the world who could pull off wearing trash bags on their heads! Their music was spot – on and I couldn’t help but enjoy every moment of it by dancing non-stop.

After Grimes was finished we went inside to catch a little bit of Quiet Company – on the inside stage – which was a perfect moment of high energy rock before finishing up our Friday night with Portugal, The Man.

(It seems as if chambray was the theme of the weekend… as both the lead singers from Portugal, The Man and on Saturday, the lead singer from Surfer Blood and I were all matching. Twinsies!)

We kicked off Saturday with a little bit of Americana rock from Telegraph Canyon – and immediately after decided that we need more of them in our lives. Also – the only female member of the group was incredibly high energy, crazy talented, and had on the coolest tights in town. So – they’ve got that going for them too.

The GZA had the best audience interaction of the day – chatting with the crowd, bringing a nine year old girl named Abigail on stage, and at the end of the day giving her a couple hundred bucks to invest on books, not video games.

My all around favorite for Saturday though was Washed Out. They inspired plenty of dancing (which is a great way to stay warm when its 45 degrees outside) and they managed to hype up the energy despite festival goers being cold and weary.


So good job Spune Productions – I look forward to rockin’ my body to whatever line-up you bring us next year!


*All photos are from the official Spune Media Team